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  28. nalrjaik

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  105. salsch

  106. carhill

  107. pricpoin

  108. deaschu

  109. chamic

  110. hetenoe

  111. aylmich

  112. houemil

  113. yasmnang

  114. emmeomol

    However, the price for such a broad range of features is the occasional sluggishness that you may experience with the software, mainly when you are transferring a large file or dealing with a large number of users (especially if they are coming from different locations).
    Overall rating: 3/5

    AirDC++ is a good file sharing application, which allows you to find and download items from various resources. However, it does not come up to the standards of other software of the same genre. This is mainly due to its rather ordinary interface and the fact that there is hardly any documentation for it.
    Straightforward installation

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  115. kenwar

    The utility also includes all other aspects that users will require when converting DVDs to the different formats and devices that are most compatible with them. The Suite can be downloaded from the software’s website, where they can find all kinds of useful information.

    If you’re searching for a simple and fast video editor that allows users to create both simple and complex videos, then Windows Movie Maker is the software for you. With this versatile video maker, users can create video clips and edit them

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    The main parameters are the target file extension, the input file format and the target quality

    Octopus! Professional is a compact music editing software allowing you to normalize the volume of individual tracks in a music collection. The normalization is handled by a single slider that will drop the music from record volume to a preset value. You can use the program to normalize individual tracks or you can apply the normalization to the entire collection. You can choose to only preserve certain ranges of frequencies for the

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  117. calicar

    Have fun.

    Previous versions:

    ALXConfig is a forks of rconfig for Asterisk 11.
    You can use it against asterisk 11.
    The main difference between ALXConfig and rconfig is that ALXConfig allow you to submit Configs without needing to save them first.


    ■ Save Config: You will be prompted for a name and the config will be stored in a database.
    ■ Delete

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  118. mygecomp

    Compatibility is not listed as a problem as far as the Mac version is concerned, but we are sure that its Windows counterpart presents some query points to a number of users, as this is ACDEXe’s worst-hit status.
    As a standalone app, we definitely can’t recommend it though. Besides, the more affordable commercial version provides more options in all the categories mentioned above.
    After a successful launch of the first Mainframe 8.5 based edition,

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    Compatibility is not listed as a problem as far as the Mac version is concerned, but we are sure that its Windows counterpart presents some query points to a number of users, as this is ACDEXe’s worst-hit status.
    As a standalone app, we definitely can’t recommend it though. Besides, the more affordable commercial version provides more options in all the categories mentioned above.
    After a successful launch of the first Mainframe 8.5 based edition,

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  120. takouldr

    Generation X, a documentary film about millennials’ desire to invest in low-income communities, recently premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Produced by the non-profit Cultures of Learning, Generation X combines interviews with the film’s director, Randy Houser, with the voices of millennials living in low-income communities. Together, they discuss the struggles they face while trying to find the dreams they once had as kids.

    The film’s director

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    While its trial version is pretty limited, the full version costs $24.95 and comes with support.By STEVE BRAND



    In Europe, kangaroos are not included in the Black List of Threatened Species. They are also jumping pests in some states in the USA. Tree Kangaroos are often seen in parks, yet it’s those urban parks where they pose a problem.


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  122. henlsarg

    TatukGIS Shipping Calculator is a very basic program that allows you to determine which country is the cheapest to ship to. It also includes a shipping calculation feature to assist you in economic shipping costs calculation.
    According to the developer, shipping to 100 different countries is rather easy. While the program could have used more options to choose from, it will do the job just fine. On top of that, overall it’s a useful application to anyone who wants to more about the shipping process

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  123. galeverb

    This app is free, and it is a great way to significantly increase your reading speed. When you’ve finished with the document, you can easily share it in a variety of formats, and you can even follow YouTube tutorials and see how others use the application.

    Urban Camera takes self-portraits of iPhone and iPad users and uses a set of social-networking techniques to create a 360-degree panorama of participants’ faces. There is a minimalistic UI with the overall focus

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  124. melaben

    You can view the image in a grid, apply various filters to it, set a histogram for precise image perception, set the entire desktop as a background and adjust the brightness and the contrast. Underneath there is a multi-threaded editor, which can be used to “fix” edges and straighten objects in an image.
    Right-click offers a series of tools for adjusting images within a myriad of options, including cropping and resizing, generating patches and generating bar

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    The Lens Profile Creator project already has a website with the user manuals and instructions available, so that you get to know the basic steps to create lens profiles for your camera and lens before you begin. The project also has a working sample to take a look.
    Run the latest version of Photoshop CS5.0, or the latest version of Camera Raw 6.7 (latest version of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS5.0 is available as a free download, as is latest

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  126. antober

    If the error is still there, or another error pops up, one needs to either touch up its value manually in the _APPRAISER_HumanReadable.xml file and re-run the Uninstall this App Now PowerShell script, or to connect to Windows 10 via Remote Desktop, open Powershell as an administrative user, and run the script.
    For more information about the values the “Uninstall This App Now” error might show, please refer to our aforementioned post.

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  127. evebent

    See also
    Map|Sie|Versuchte software
    Google Maps
    Google Earth

    External links
    Enso Map Anywhere Official Page

    Category:Desktop Building Blocks
    Category:Desktop Environment GNOME
    Category:Web-based mapping software
    Category:Free GIS software
    Category:Free travel software#pragma once


    #define MCU_MMUTA

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  128. estecat

    The host of our website, is now using the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Dynamic Disk product to store movies and documents.
    It has become crucial for us to ensure that none of our customers are affected by the DNS (Domain Name System) black hole that occurred recently.
    Fortunately, we found a solution that is virtually fault-proof, is 100% free and requires a minimal setup for any Linux-based operating system

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  129. caecmyk

    All you need to do is place them in your apps bundle

    The following example shows how I placed them on my ipad, I placed them there and of course i just dragged and dropped them on my project.
    Hope this helps.
    **EDIT: This example shows how to link icons into the respective bundle used for project assembly
    eg. launching this bundle on a concrete device builds the following widgets in the app bar:1. Field of the Invention
    The present invention

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  130. harscan

    There’s also a print mode to eventually create a sheet for a paper Nonograms puzzle.
    The application comes with a lot of options, and many different configurations to play with, but it can be fun to create your own puzzles. Then you can export them for your friends to solve. Not to mention the impressive assortment of images on which you could practice creating puzzles.亲介売りに関する事例不適切な

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  131. neyfre


    How can I do an advanced merge in SVN using TortoiseSVN

    I need to do an advanced merge like merge changes between three branches and one trunk, however I can’t find a way to do it with TortoiseSVN.
    I need to do this because there was an old merge in another branch that goes down, but I want to keep it untouched.
    It is not the same scenario as this: Merge changes from branch into trunk.
    How can I do this?


    If you take a look at TortoiseSVN you

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    When it comes to the evident support, the developer offers lots of examples and demos for the product.

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    The DYFOW profile selected in the video is suitable for steady state hydraulic systems.
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    * (C) Copyright 2012 Nuxeo SA ( and others.
    * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
    * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
    * You may obtain a copy of the License at
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    The free download World Physical Atlas is for you because your computer will have a wonderful photo (more than 6 or 10) with a good and very complicated and technical stiength.But the program will be pretty simple and not very big, but this will have plenty of possibilities to use them and will be practical for a normal home user.Q:

    AFNetworking GET request with UIProgressView

    I’m trying to fetch some data from server to use in a
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    Plusnet Mail is an upgraded version of the well-liked email client. The update includes an impressive array of new features; moreover, even if the app is a little outdated, we must say that this email client is an excellent one.
    The interface is simple and well organized, with email list on the left part of the main window. Similarly, there’s a series of shortcuts to scan the mailbox without opening all mails.
    Among the new things, we must highlight
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    – Extra Information:
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    ■ /lose
    ■ /affid /lose
    ■ /appid
    The appid is the application that created this image.
    ■ /appnote
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    If you need to paste text on the go, just insert the USB stick with QuickTextPaste, and paste your definitions away.

    Viewing information regarding the progress of any section is often useful for ensuring that the structure of your components are being laid properly. It could be used in a factory to keep to your budget, where no matter how busy you are, if you could locate and be informed on what is going on, you would be able to keep track of the critical goods
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    Furthermore, Fort Firewall supports a WFP-based system that enables the filtering and control of many aspects of your PC’s internet access.
    Fort Firewall is a software that ensures a highly customizable and effective firewall system on Windows operating systems.

    …and more!

    Fort Firewall Is Packed With The Very Important Features You Could Expect To Find In A Good Firewall

    A fire wall app does not a fire wall make. In the age of information on the internet,
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    It has an easy to use pop-up calendar, whose three…

    FileCatcher Captures Any Screenshot Gets Picture Of Web Sites That It Makes On The Webpage Page Full Of Your Web Site The Demands Of The WebPages Copyrighted By Others Is Not Always Free! Take That Credit Is For Your Effort!! Saves Gif File And Caption
    All of the pictures on this website are completely free of copyright. The pictures on this website are protected by the
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    Unfortunately, in spite of the intuitive UI, in some cases the application may be displayed in the taskbar tray as a not so attractive “widget,” which can scare visitors during their first encounter.
    Indigo winter theme looks like a screensaver style graphics of your desktop. You can set the images to play automatically.
    “Indigo Winter” is one of the best free screensaver theme. It shows an “Indigo” winter scene on you computer. You can adjust the
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    However, the lack of a detailed technical description and clear instructions are drawbacks of the program, so if you are a newcomer, you may face problems during the cleaning process.
    To sum up, Windisk’s interface is very simple and intuitive.
    The tool gives users quick access to all the main settings and cleaning options and contains all the necessary features for making sure that the junk files and registry entries will be deleted properly.

    Prominent features:
    ● Registry cleaners
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    The variety of extra features and image formats give you ample opportunities to create photo collages that are interesting and unique, which will work as a good inspiration for your next photo shoot.
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    Thus, as long as functionality is concerned, it is an application worth considering. The only disappointing thing we didn’t like is that Gest doesn’t offer any customer support, so users who experience problems with the program must be on their own to handle the issue. Luckily, it’s not a big deal. Still, we wanted to have a company to call in case something goes wrong, which the developers promised to address in the next update, scheduled for June 16, 2017.

    Software company Gest
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    EquiGroup is a very exciting and powerful spreadsheet utility designed to store and synchronize contact information for all of your friends, online and in-person. It includes integrated input fields to save data that will help you to keep in touch with old friends and meet new ones.
    EquiGroup is simple to use and includes a color-coded system to quickly save needed information. With EquiGroup you can stay in touch with anyone you know – old or new.

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    CableCalc is scheduled to offer further functionality, in the future. So if you find any other missing features, please leave your suggestions in the comments.

    For various professional and educational applications, we have developed 1 WireCalc, a comprehensive and powerful tool for numerical calculation of cable and electrical wiring within a house. 1WireCalc includes a range of functions, including graphical representation of wire, conductor and cable parameters, including various gauges including the AWG, the BWG
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    Even if you are not affected by the Lorenz ransomware, make sure to use the decryption tool to prevent future lock-in. Additionally, consider avoiding malicious software at all cost.

    In the below script, someone forgot to include a ‘exit’ prior to the sleep statement.
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    Single executable and easy installation
    With few dependencies, all you need to do in order to get started is simply unpacking and launching the application. It does not require a reboot or any initial setup and all you need to know are a couple of files that you must copy on your computer (such as in your home folder) and you are good to go.
    As a portable application, the UnGoogled Chromium spin-off may be run from external drives such as USB flash drives
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    There are several web sites supporting Plone (Supported working sets: translations and commercial support).

    It was developed at the University of California at Berkeley (Campus) in the Software Engineering/Humanities as a Web application, as a project for the Innovation in Teaching Network (INNTi).

    Plone was originally based on the Source Code Guard tool developed by Dany Adams and his students (UC Berkeley, under Mark Miller, endowed by the David and Lucile Pack
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  191. yonstew

    This document describes how Autoviewer can be used to provide version control
    and project backup for Eclipse/PhpIde and Netbeans users. Rather than repeating the details of each application available it is assumed you are already familiar with the application. All you need to know is how the applications are saved.
    These are the document installation process and usage.

    Each application that is to be backed up has a corresponding specific location in that application in the form of
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    This free service also helps in finding new and unknown spyware, adware, keylogger, trojan or worm infections. Visit our website at for a list of common issues.

    Online Ballistics Matching Program
    Fraud Countermeasures Teams, Inc. is accredited as a Software Company by the Internal Revenue Service, and is a proud reseller of EASys, which creates Online Ballistics Matching Program.
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    [Sebastian Pfeiffer]( is a talented German programmer whose interests span the sphere of distributed computing, programming language design, and open-source software. He’s been working as a developer for big American companies for many years, including Yahoo!, AOL, and Level Money.

    When it comes to building distributed applications, one thing is common: cross-platform dependency management. In this
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    FreeZip is a software tool, initially developed for file compression applications; it is now mostly intended to perform various file and folder operations, such as extraction/compression, exchange/rename and deletion, while being mainly compatible with MS DOS based version of Windows 9x/2k. The last point is, of course, less important today than before 7/2003, when compatibility with Windows 10 was announced.

    FreeZip (technically, is
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    Physics-Mathematics Cloud for students and teachers

    Physics-Mathematics Cloud offers a user-friendly, accessible, and clear solution for students and teachers, regardless of the possible level of expertise. This is more than the availability of a wide selection of problems, whose parameters can be controlled at will. The application also aids in the swift process of solving the increasingly common problem-solving-based activities, that often shape the curriculum.Physics-Mathematics
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    Thanks to the use of Google Transliterate the user experience should be intuitive.
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    BornSmart is an educational and entertaining math app that explores our three-dimensional world. Based on play and learning, BornSmart can function as your math course, math aid or just a fun game to introduce your children to our three-dimensional world using simple gestures.

    Find out how to use this free iOS app for kids. Here, we list the best children’s learning apps and games for teaching or amusing kids. We picked out
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    Snmp4Ldap Administrator module v1.25 –
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    You can also animate morphs to create waves or use architectural tools to create your own cities.
    Xfrog provides automatic posing for when you want to export your animations out for the Web.
    Please read the User Manual and the About Us page for more information.



    RSS Feeds

    Twitter feed


    Xfrog is a freeware, open
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